8/26/15 - Recruitment Pitch v1

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8/26/15 - Recruitment Pitch v1

Post by Jaysinz on Wed Aug 26, 2015 4:29 pm

Hi there,

 Ex Machina is under new management and we are recruiting to fill our 25 person roster for Guild Wars.  We have a steady 15-16 attackers every day and would like to add a few more so more people get involved. We would like applicants for GW's to be 40 with at least 4-5 6 star monsters to use. We are raiding twice a day, and we try to start them around 12am and 12pm Server time.  We have been hanging around a Conq 1 or Conq 2 ranking and would like to improve on that in the coming months!

We'll also take in people socially who aren't interested in GW just yet, but would like a cool place to hang out.  We lost quite a bit of EU players when the server opened, but still are pretty spread out in terms of member locations.

We have newly created Forums, an active Line Group, and plenty of personalities to associate with.  If you're interested in joining us or finding out more, feel free to write me here or our forums and I will be happy to reply.  

Thanks for your time!


This was posted on the Com2us Boards here for reference


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